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Josh Dishner

Josh Dishner

Director of Operations

Josh Dishner hails from East Tennessee, where he currently resides and indulges in a variety of outdoor activities. His passions include traveling, backpacking, kayaking, fishing, and rock climbing, taking full advantage of the diverse outdoor offerings in our area. He is also a fitness buff and loves all things health and wellness. At home, he shares his life with his two teenage children, Abbi and Dexter.

Josh’s journey led him to the United State Air Force in 2008, where he served at bases in Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi, New Jersey and completed a deployment in Afghanistan. During his military service, Josh pursued higher education and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mt. Olive University in North Carolina. Upon concluding his military tenure, he transitioned to a role at Bell Helicopter as a leader and project manager in their facilities maintenance department. Concurrently, Josh pursued further education, obtaining his master’s degree in business administration from King University.

Josh conducts himself with the highest level of integrity and shows an unparalleled work ethic. Now, equipped with a wealth of experiences and expertise, he joins us as an integral part of our financial advisory team.